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As we know, there is no such thing as 'born-leaders'. All Leaders have become leaders ONLY because they CHOOSE leadership in their life. This is a choice to make.

In a Family - Patriarchal family is still the norm. Now, what we're talking about is NOT gender equality. Its about equality in Leadership. There can be more than one director in a company, where decisions are made with consensus. Then, why can't there be 2 leaders in the family, where decisions are made consulting each other, giving mutual respect? Women can allow this to happen, only because we operate from a mode of clarity & love, with constant assurance that we're not there to intimidate the "man of the house", but to compliment his role.

At Work - Men usually go on an 'I-Know" mode & superiors try to over-power women by using their authority, not allowing women to play an equal role to contributing effectively in an organisation. Some women, when given a superior position, abuse this leadership role - thinking that being authoritative is the way to go. Now, we've to understand our leadership mode can & should be different. Women Leaders in organisations fail because they 'take-on' male leadership role. Women should rule as a women, with love & compassion, without attachment. This is again possible when there is clarity in your direction & what you'd like to achieve in your role.

In A Work/ Business Environment - When we're in a business meeting/gathering, we allow men to dominate. This is again mostly due to our insecurity. Just step into a meeting of more than 2 men, you'll see they'll be discussing among themselves, the woman becomes 'invisible'. You can make your presence felt by engaging them effectively & confidently. Men talk among themselves because they 'feel' you're not aligned with the men talk. When we show that we're not a just 'pretty' babe, but an intelligent beauty, we can make our mark wherever we go.

In Social Service - This is one of the most spoken concepts in women contribution. Women, being full of love & compassion by nature, seem to have one of the best fits here. Then again, their leadership skills fail them, leading them to "hold-back" their performance in a bigger scale. To date, ONLY ONE Mother Theresa is known to be the most compassionate social worker & the most aggressive in collecting donations for her passionate cause, creating legendary results.

In my humble opinion, all concerns regarding gender equality are the result of lack in effective leadership skills among women.

We lack the capability to STAND UP & STAND OUT in many crucial areas. Women want to lead, yet we have deep-rooted belief-system, through ancestral experiences that men must lead & women must follow. You may say NO, but subconsciously, this is the game we play, creating conflict within ourselves - emotionally & physically.
We know that TRUE Leadership is about selflessly selfish servant-leadership & the inherent attributes of a TRUE leader is already in us, & it's only a matter of time that it SHINES through us.

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Article by Azeeza Jalaludeen PPTD (Proficient Professional Trainer Developer) with more than 15years experience in Relationship Marketing & People Development. Co-Founder of SHINE - Self-Help International Network Enterprise, a purpose-driven social enterprise of the new millennium. http://www.shineworldwide.com/TheNewNormal.html

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Women Leadovation

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This article was published on 2010/03/29