Women can help other women grow

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A 2008 study[1] from the University of Toronto showed that a woman who works for another woman suffers a higher degree of stress than if either she worked for a man, or if a man worked for that same woman. Another article from the same paper[2] says that there's a (nonsensical) "sisterhood"belief that says it is the men who makes us so incredibly devious.To put it bluntly, that is a load of bull. "Actually, it isn't men—it's girls;it's the girls they used to know and the girls they used to be, and anybodywho ever went to an all-girls school will know exactly what I mean. There is no thuggery among boys that matches the viciousness that a gang of girls can inflict upon the victim of their choice."

The all-important question is, does it need to be so? Instead of being catty and competitive, perhaps we as unstoppable women entrepreneurs can start tapping into one of the most creative and innovated sources around us: other women.

We women provide an incredibly opportunity to other women, whether you are a professional, an entrepreneur, and artist or a dreamer. As an older women, we offer experience, wisdom and guidance; as a younger woman, we offer a fresh vantage point coupled with relatively untainted enthusiasm.

When we as women grow big enough to actually abandon the high school animosity into which most of us have been indoctrinated, and instead accept the gift that has been granted to us through our gender, our worlds expand.

"No spoken words will ever teach young women how to love as powerfully as love-filled lives of older women." From the book, Spiritual Mothering: The Titus 2 Model for Women Mentoring Women, by Susan Hunt, George Grant, p 59.

If you have set out to grow, you must choose between climbing a ladder or catapulting over it. Climb the ladder by doing it yourself, because you know you can. Catapult it by opening yourself up to those experiences that most mirror yours in life: tap into the power available to you, the power of mentoring with other women.

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Women can help other women grow

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This article was published on 2010/09/24