Why do women love shoes and hand bags so much?

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If you find a woman who would sacrifice her favorite shoe or bag for a classic book, you have got to marry her. Unfortunately, there are very few of such women (almost a negligible number, let us warn you). Women will willingly spend a fortune on a bag or a show but never so much on a holiday even if it is their honeymoon. What's more? They want the rest of the world to know that they have a fund of collection back in their wardrobe.

For a woman, clothes are as redundant as anything could be, in our example, let's say a book. But, why are they so obsessed with bags and towering heels? Let's find out.

They are the New Outward Statement

Agree or not, the moment a woman gets out of her home or walks into a kitty party, all eyes are on the new bag that is hanging from her wrist or the butter-smooth suede heels that she is walking along with. It is not really her fault to want to flash a little style here and there, you see. Besides, if a woman has to put her status out to the rest of the world, she has to do it through her sense in buying bags and jaw-dropping shoes because they are the new, unique outward statement of a woman's status and earning ability. Also, handbags and pumps have picked a lot of importance lately compared with the last 100 years.

The Woman Today is Not Domestic

Today, you tell a woman she belongs to the kitchen and she will make you realise where your knees belong. Women today are not domestic damsels in distress. They are independent, smart and modern. Ever since women began to step out of their homes for work and business, they started to use bags to store their possessions in a bag. And, with the development of a corporate setup that idolizes travelling to several other countries and meeting professionals, maintaining a dress code with strict emphasis on shoes and bags came into being.

Bags and Shoes are More Private than Personal  

Bags and shoes go beyond their obvious definitions for a woman. They can make a woman feel far deeper than what they would for a man. The credit could be given to the fact that both bags as well as shoes are close to the skin, which psychologically has impact on ones' emotional connections. Turns out without handbags for girls and shoes, women feel downright naked. Bizarre, but true. If you are wondering what a woman's bag contains that keeps her so attached to it, it is her survival kit that has everything from mobile phone to condoms.

So, now that it is clear what a woman loves and holds dear to her heart, you know what to gift the one in your life.

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Why do women love shoes and hand bags so much?

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Why do women love shoes and hand bags so much?

This article was published on 2014/04/17