Why Do Cheating Wives Cheat?

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If your wife has cheated on you, you've probably spent a good deal of time trying to figure out why cheating wives cheat. What makes them risk their marriages for something that is going to be temporary at best? What does the other man have to offer that she isn't getting from you?

These are all excellent questions to ask when your wife cheats. These would be even better questions to know the answer to before your wife cheats.

The thing is, there isn't one single criterion that brings all women swooning to their knees and lining up to cheat on their husbands. It isn't a universal weakness that leads some women to cheat. But, there are some reasons that are common among many of the women who do cheat.

Here are just a few reasons that women who cheat say they cheated.

1) Loneliness. It's not all your fault that your wife is lonely. Women devote a lot of time to work and raising the children. Once the children start depending on them less and less, they begin to notice how cut off from the world, and from you, they've become. This is when they are most vulnerable to the appeal of another man who offers them the attention they aren't getting at home as well as the companionship they've discovered is missing in their lives.

2) Emotional satisfaction. It's true. Women often cheat because they feel something is missing in their marriage on an emotional level. This is much more often the case with women who cheat than men. In fact, 56% of men who cheat claim they are happy at home with their marriages while only 34% of women who cheat can say the same.

3) She's preparing herself mentally and physically for leaving. This is not always the case but there are enough instances where this is the case to be worth mentioning. That doesn't mean this is the way your marriage has to end. Changes can be made that will bring her back into the fold but the sooner you make those changes the greater your odds of success in your marriage will be.

Whereas men often cheat simply because the opportunity presented itself, women are generally more cautious and calculating about their decisions to cheat. They think it through and decide to take the risk rather than being swept away in the moment and getting in over their heads before they know what's hit them.

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Why Do Cheating Wives Cheat?

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This article was published on 2010/10/29
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