Why Are Beautiful Women Always Wives of Others? 405

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"Children of own are good while the wives of others are good” is a common idea of man. And generally speaking, the latter conclusion in the heart of men is impressed deeper. Why? It may have the following the reasons:

One, the proportion of the beauty is certain.

But because the halo effect of the beauty on the feeling, will increase the proportion of beauty. Just like to buy lottery tickets, from the statistics, the yearly number of millionaires are hundreds of thousands, in fact, compared to people who buy lottery tickets, it is event of little probability. But it seems it is easy to win a prize in a lottery. So to encounter few beauties is normal, because usually encountering probability is not high.

Second, distance produces beauty

As for women which have no close relations with you, you also can just look at the woman, and there are few opportunities to closely contact with them. This kind of space and heart distance, will let you ignore her faults and pay attention to her attractive places, thus you feel very beautiful. But when she truly becomes a part of your life, a true and complete woman always wobble before you, then the beautiful feeling gradually becomes common.

Three, internal and external differences of the women

Most men see true side of own women, because there are so few women at home to maintain their image meticulously. And it is more likely that women wear their slippers, wear pajamas lines, dishevel hair, eat melon seeds, and slant on the sofa to watch TV, especially the time after newlywed passion. Women also have their own reasons: outside they pretend for one day, and in their own home they want to relax? And you see the woman outside stand of arms, from head to foot, from eyebrows to the teeth. Of course it can thank to cosmetics.

Four, the exchange between beauty and money

Men love beautiful, but beautiful woman do not want to waste their own conditions, all fantasize to get equivalent money. So the general trend is that beautiful woman goes toward to places where the money is collected. The ordinary man with wizened purse had better be optimistic.

In short, in the streets when men may look at beauty, they should turn around and look at them. However, when they go home, they should live happily so that everything will be all right.

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Why Are Beautiful Women Always Wives of Others? 405

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This article was published on 2011/04/14