What Makes Successful Female Entrepreneurs Tick

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There is nothing like enjoying the fruits of your success knowing that you have made it happen, despite all the misgivings of people around you. Business world is greatly dominated by men even today where women are generally outnumbered. Very few women manage to make a mark in a male bastion, but those who manage to do so, often lead highly inspirational and motivating lives, which are often the source of valuable lessons for others. Rhona Silver, the founder of CaterBid.com, is one such exceptional woman who has inspired hundreds.

Below are some qualities that are common among highly successful female entrepreneurs.

One trait universal to all successful women is their willingness to ignore pre-set boundaries. Standing over the industry norms takes courage as well as intelligence. However, gutsy women who succeed in hard world of businesses believe that average people do average things and success comes to those who do not let the boundaries and conventions restrict them. Accepting mediocrity or allowing it to confine their creativity and destiny is actually letting others limit their ability to excel.

Choice to break the rules and defy the odds is always a strategic as well as an intentional decision, which sets these women apart and defines their success.

Highly successful female entrepreneurs always give top priority to customer service realizing the great importance of their business component. The success stories of highly successful women such as Rhona Silver shows that not only getting customers is important, but also keeping them is just as crucial if you want your business to grow and thrive.

Successful women entrepreneurs treat their customers as a company asset, even more than the services or products they are offer. They understand that customers are indispensable as they are the ones who ensure company's profitability and sustained economic growth. Successful businesswomen never underestimate the value of loyal customers in keeping a business alive and thriving.



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What Makes Successful Female Entrepreneurs Tick

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What Makes Successful Female Entrepreneurs Tick

This article was published on 2011/11/10