What Do I Do to Get My Ex Girlfriend Back?

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This situation is unfortunately way too common . What happens is that people start to go over all the situations on how they could have done things different and this usually ends up getting you nowhere. Follow the steps below and you will be closer to knowing the answer to your search of what do I do to get my ex girlfriend back.

1. You have to really examine the relationship. Don't BS and try to convince yourself that it was something good when it really wasn't. It hurts more to not feel wanted. And it hurts even more to be broken up with than to break up with that person.

2. Aside from that there are several ways of doing this. The best thing to do, but is the  hardest is to not call her. NO texting, NO letters. Nothing. This takes some time. The best way to accomplish this is to keep extremely busy...not only will this make time fly by but will also take your mind off of her some. Not to mention time to re-evaluate where things went wrong between you and her. If she was truly yours to keep she will call you. Sometimes girls will tell you they no longer want anything to do with you ever in their life only to change their mind once you do this. So what do I do to get my ex girlfriend back? Keep reading.

3. The other way which is also effective, but in the gray area is to play with her head. Jealousy is a very strong weapon especially when it comes to women. The kind of jealousy I am referring to is not the evil "I'm going to get you" type. Just surround yourself with women and they can just be friends. I am not talking about hanging out like your some pimp, no just hanging out with other women in a non threatening matter. You see you are asking "what do I do to get my ex girlfriend back" and not "what do I do to chase her away". Women are always attracted to men who are obviously attracting other women. Why do you think women go nuts over movie and music stars? So you can plan for her to see you this way without looking as if you planned it or are just being a jerk. Get it?

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What Do I Do to Get My Ex Girlfriend Back?

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This article was published on 2010/04/02
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