Weightlifters - Are Women More Committed Weightlifters?

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Women weightlifters may seem like a rarity, but it is definitely a false idea and a prejudice to assume that force training is just for men. Well, this opinion may be shattered pretty soon if the number of female weightlifters increases; in fact, according to statistics women are more committed weightlifters than men. When there is a study that shows that one woman in five trains twice a week, what better evidence can we ask for? The great consequences of such sports practice are the improved health, the better body shape and the overall fitness.

Furthermore, women weightlifters are less exposed to osteoporosis, a bone disease that affects women over 40. In fact weight lifting prevents the loss of bone mass helping people stay healthier and younger. Although statistical reports don't show great numbers, senior adults are sometimes encountered in gyms as well and, popularity is on the rise. While at the end of the 90s, the statistical reports for weightlifters over 65 showed 11% for men and 7% for women, but, in 2004, there were 14% of male senior adults and 11% of female seniors.

There is no gym without weightlifters; old and young, men and women try to build their bodies in beautiful shapes, lose weight eventually and enjoy a better look. In fact the number of amateur weightlifters is a lot higher than that of professional weightlifters. The conditions are a bit different for Olympic training, and the athletes follow other rules. Nevertheless, the workout basics remain set for all weightlifters, and so are the nutrition, hydration and safety rules. Both male and female weightlifters should adapt the workout training to the specificity of their bodies.

In fact, home training will never be a match for gym training. There are all the equipment items necessary for weightlifters to perform exercises, and a safer environment for all the techniques. Even the assistance of a coach or supervisor can be essential for amateur weightlifters. Lots of progress is made because of emulation, when people are stimulated by the better shape and performance of other amateur athletes. Men and women have learned to share their experience as weightlifters and now train side by side.

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Weightlifters - Are Women More Committed Weightlifters?

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This article was published on 2010/03/26