Warning - Avoid These Two Things That Women Don't Want in a Guy

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For the guy that's interested in meeting and getting to know women, understanding exactly what women are looking for - and more importantly what they're not looking for - can be very confusing. For example, women like masculine men. However a cocky guy is often a big turn-off. This article will try to expose some of the keys in this area so you can show your best side.

One of the biggest keys about women is that they want passion in their lives. When they see that you are passionate about something, it makes it easy for them to project that you can be just as passionate about them. Energy and passion are related, but passion is really more about confidence and excitement. If your "thing" is fishing, describe your favorite fish stories with all of the excitement and passion you can muster. While it's not likely that a woman will share this passion, again it shows that you can be passionate. Try showing your passion the next time you talk with a women and you'll see just how effective it can be.

Many guys try to show women just how nice they can be. The nice-guy syndrome has killed many relationships before they ever start. The other side of the coin is the guy that is trying to avoid the nice guy persona by being a jerk. Women do not appreciate being mistreated - regardless of what you see on TV. The best approach is to be confident in who you are while showing your best qualities. You can be warm yet powerful, friendly but confident. If you're able to show her you're secure in who you are and confident in your values, you'll be miles ahead of the crowd.

If you're able to demonstrate that you're a man with passion and with strong character, you'll really stand out and will likely be the guy that they remember. So remember to think about the things women don't want just as much as you try to be the man they do want. Trying hard only works if you're doing the right things.

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Warning - Avoid These Two Things That Women Don't Want in a Guy

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This article was published on 2010/03/26
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