The Skin Whitening Fad Among Asian Women

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In Asia, skin whitening products have been flying off the shelves. Women in this country have been buying up any of these products they can find for various reasons. The majority of Asian women believe that through having lighter skin they will have more access to jobs. Virtually every single product on the market that promises skin lightening is being snapped up by Asian women. This includes deodorants, lotions and a wide range of other beauty products.

Asian women believe that any whitening product that they purchase will help to make their skin lighter. The percentage of overall women surveyed across Korea, Hong Kong, the Philippines and Malaysia jumped about four percent in one year. All of these women surveyed are purchasing whitening products for their skin like they are going out of style.

The incredibly strong demand for these products is driven solely by the fact that Asian women believe fairer skin is more attractive. They believe that the lighter their skin is, the younger they look. This is due to the fact that lighter skin covers dark spots, wrinkles and other signs of aging. Therefore, women who have lighter skin will appear to be much younger and capable than women who do not have fairer skin.

For many centuries now, women in Asia with a lot of wealth have completely avoided the sun, which can actually cause wrinkles to form on the skin. This is why a lighter complexion is considered to be a sign of higher social status. Women who have lighter skin look very clean and wealthy. Asian women who work in the fields are the women who typically have darker skin. This is why women are making their skin lighter to appear as if they are wealthy rather than looking like they work in the fields.

Asian women are actually spending as much money as possible to ensure that their faces become and remain as fair as possible. Most of them agree that if their skin is a darker color, it can actually hurt their job prospects. This only makes perfect sense for the whitening products fad that is being observed in Asia. When it comes to job prospects, there is actually quite a bit of discrimination against Asian women who have dark skin.

In 2001, the Asia-Pacific region pulled in over $11 billion in revenue. Today, skin whitening products are still selling like hot cakes. The majority of those billions of dollars in revenue consist of products that women are using to make their skin fairer. Many cosmetic companies have actually jumped on this fad because there is a lot of money to be made. With billions of dollars being added to the market every year, this whitening fad brings with it a lot of opportunities for companies.

Between all of the cosmetic companies that are profiting from this fad, billions of dollars are being spent on advertising. Many Asian women are turning to an aesthetic clinic where they can meet with an aesthetic doctor. These clinics are offering women a way to make their skin lighter with much more success than general whitening products can offer.

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The Skin Whitening Fad Among Asian Women

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This article was published on 2012/09/14
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