The History Of Swim Wear

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Women wearing swim first with the purpose of covering up certain essential body parts of those women who were brave enough to bathe publicly introduced. Since then there have been several changing styles and functions of the female swimsuit. It's really amazing to know that so much in our swimsuits with as little material has been made.

The first known use of a bathing suit was in Greece during 350 BC The fourth century mosaic wall was discovered, in girls is what today's dressed like bikinis. But, bathing suit came out of fashion after the fall of the Roman Empire when water sports are no longer encouraged and the prudish Europeans regarded the sea more than a source of physical therapy and recreation.
Spas where men and women engaged together in public bathing began in France and England in the 18th Century. The typical swim was nothing more than a brief symbolic dip in the water with ladies on one side of the beach and men on the other.
The earliest bathing suit was an old smock more in the nature of a bathrobe. Thus, these suits were far from comfortable and ladies started sewing lead weights into the hem of the robe to prevent any indecent exposure.
The early 1800s were probably the starting point for a revolution in bathing suits, when Americans flocked to the beaches open to the public and the sea for sportand recreation.
When public swimming, sunbathing and water sports became increasingly popular, the time was ripe for a change in bathing suits for women. The need arose for a specially designed swimwear that not only protected the shame, but also comfortable enough to swim in and pursue sports.
By the end of the 19th Century, had been swimming for as an acceptable form of water activity as well as a recognized and intercollegiate and Olympic sport. By the 1880s, women swimsuit was introduced, consisting of a blouse and trousers in one piece. There was also a separate skirt that extended below the knee with buttons at the waist to conceal the figure.
Then we had the swimsuits that started gradually exposing more and more skin. The beginning of the twentieth century signaled a bold era in swim wear for women. After that swimsuits began the trend towards greater transparency and shorter. One for the breasts and another for the groin or the entire buttocks region - This was followed consisting of a bikini or two piece ladies swimwear from two separate articles. The rest of the torso was left uncovered.
Since the women wearing swim a gradual evolutionary process experienced numerous changes in swim wear men over time. From the beginning, men's swimwear was distinctly feminine of the suit, contrasts with distinct characteristics of boxiness and solidity with the exaggerated curves of the DOB.
Although men began to look sexier, there were still some controversy over the bared breast. However, people continue to fight for their right to expose their breasts, and by the beginning of 1933 we had to adjust a convertible style thatallows the tip to be removed.
For women, always more daring and extravagant suits in the 1950s and beyond, saw the male swimsuit an explosion of color patterns and fancy artwork.
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The History Of Swim Wear

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The History Of Swim Wear

This article was published on 2011/12/17