Seduction Guide: Flaming the Passion

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Don’t let anyone fool you even for a moment that money, good looks or chiseled body of a Greek God can be your passport to smokin’ hot women. Those of rely on these usually get trapped in their own ignorance and helplessly watch seemingly ordinary looking guys walk away with the most coveted ladies. What men want from the opposite sex is not quite what women seek in their partners and if a man can decipher what women hunger after, they can practically have any woman their heart desire.

Whether it’s a high maintenance Cosmopolitan girl or a no-nonsense go getter, at the end of the day every girl want to kick off her stilettos, let her hair down and have some fun. They need somebody who is not threatening or invading their space, yet seems interesting and capable of filling their life with fun. The final nail in the coffin comes when a guy describes himself as “just an average guy”. You can’t really expect a drop dead gorgeous woman to fall for Mr. Average, of all the people, and agree to date him, do you?

Contrary to what most people believe, seduction has little to do with physicality and more to do with mind. It’s those mental games that men and women play with each other and those who know their way in this game of endless subtleties come out a winner. Those who are unsure and likely to fumble should not hesitate to take a leaf out of seduction guide by experts like Ethan Valentino.

Girls like originality guys, and no more chasing the skirts. Beautiful women are so used to of getting attention and being chased that when they find you gaping at them or mouthing those two pence pick up lines, the best they can manage is not to yawn.

Seduction guide help you focus on being an interesting person that is different from others (not only in appearance) and knows how to convey it to girls quickly through normal interaction. What’s the point of being fun loving and adventurous guy when you can’t show the women that you are the person who has everything they desire?

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Seduction Guide: Flaming the Passion

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Seduction Guide: Flaming the Passion

This article was published on 2012/02/27
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