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Every person in the world is made differently, and has different personality, not only that the moods and the emotional state we are in changes how we perceive things. The idea that all women are romantics and no men are is one of the biggest misconceptions. As with any other attitude, desire, or practice, people are individuals. Our sexist society has given men the message that being romantic is not being macho and not being macho is the kiss of manly death.

A good romantic suspense author will make sure that the novel as well as the story is brim full with twists, turns, secrets, betrayals and hidden nuisances. In a perfect romantic suspense novel the tension escalates slowly and steadily.

Romantic suspense book depict women as the pivotal character of the book. Since these books deals with women issues, they compels to women more than their male counterparts. This is the reason women are target audience for such romantic suspense book. These books take you to the world which is full of imaginative and fantasy world.

The Award Winning poet above all has the love of the language; it is the medium through which he tries to reach out to the world. They do not attempt to draw out their creative juices just for the sole purpose of being patted on the back, or even a shallow thought of being the best. It is to bring life into the world, change it into a world they expect it to be. Award Winning poet uses the language in a matter with absorbs all the moments in their lives that makes them who they are today. 

The romantic suspense novel is an offshoot of the romance genre. Therefore, it has many of the characteristics of a typical romance. At the centre of the plot is the relationship between the hero and the heroine which develops along with the suspense element. The romance between the protagonists affects the mystery that they are trying to solve.

These women’s fiction plot often consists of women in its central character. These fictions novels generally end in an emotionally binding and an optimistic ending. These women fiction books decipher about love life in a strong relationship, which basically revolves around two people of opposite sex. These fictions books are set in different types of background.

The romance novel comes under the broader and more diverse literary genre known as women’s fiction. Women’s fiction deals with any kind of fiction written for female readers. It can deal with romance, suspense, contemporary issues, relationships and marriage. Novels dealing with the issues faced by modern women in contemporary society are often grouped under chick lit. One of the categories of women’s fiction is romantic suspense. Romantic suspense is a contemporary category in women’s fiction that usually involves an intriguing mystery or incident that is woven around a female character.

Chick lit is another category of women’s fiction. These books make for light casual reading and are read by women of all ages. Chicks lit usually have a contemporary setting and deal with problems faced by the modern woman. It also unravels the emotional and soft side of women and reveals their vulnerability without portraying them as inferior beings. 

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Romance Served With Suspense!

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This article was published on 2012/01/30