Natural Sleep Aids For Pregnant Women

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As if pregnancy wasn't bad enough by itself, here comes insomnia to make your life even more miserable. The causes of insomnia, even for those that aren't pregnant, vary from person to person. It's difficult, and potentially dangerous, for pregnant women to try and medicate themselves for their insomnia. There are natural sleep aids for pregnant women, and they don't endanger the baby.

Pregnant women are at a disadvantage when it comes to how to treat their insomnia. Most women can't, or aren't willing, to take sleeping pills or other supplements that have the potential to affect the fetus. Unfortunately, it's not possible to ingest something and then expect that the baby won't be ingesting it as well.

The causes of insomnia in pregnant women can be vast ranging from anxiety, frequent urination, cramps, and emotions. What helps some women to fall asleep is to take a nice warm bath or shower before bedtime, then turn off the TV and all the lights in a room and lay in peace. If they're still having difficulty sleeping (and this is where the natural sleep aid presents itself), it's time to try something new.

Binaural beats are sound waves (a sort of music) that you listen to when you want to fall asleep, and it actually triggers your brain to relax. The way they work is by broadcasting a frequency that your brain will compensate for (thus lowering your inner frequency). The lower your frequency the deeper of a sleep, or state of relaxation you will be in.

The great thing about these sound waves is that they don't hurt anything. You're still in control of your body. Your body begins feeling heavy, movement has slowed, you're in a deep state of relaxation, anxiety and stress are relieved, and then sleep. Amazingly enough, you do fall asleep.

Once you're pregnant you've lost the ability to be careless with what you put in your body, you no longer are looking out for just yourself. The best natural sleep aid for pregnant women is the binaural beats, and good old fashioned relaxation. Sleep is something that everyone deserves, especially women that are pregnant!

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Natural Sleep Aids For Pregnant Women

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This article was published on 2010/04/01