My Boyfriend Dumped Me

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Many women ask me to help them heal their broken heart. And when they tell me "my boyfriend dumped me" I always ask them what happened and if they know why he left. Now here's the amazing thing: they almost always feel like their man dumped them out of the blue.

They don't understand basic things about a man's unstable and wild nature and about what it takes to tame it. So here are two tendencies that almost all men have in common:

Tendency #1: Men like variety. They are wired by nature to find more than one sexual partner. A man's nature is very unstable and unless you're very good at attracting, seducing, influencing and keeping men in long term relationships, he'll almost surely dump you if he finds a woman who can make him feel that something that he can't get from you. It may sound strange to you, but it's not like he decides to dump you. People act upon their feelings and they don't have a lot of control over them.

So if he loses his attraction for you and at the same time, finds an available woman who can attract and seduce him, your days are numbered. Even if he doesn't dump you right away, he will gradually lose his interest in being with you. So what can you do? Become better than any other woman at understanding his motivations, interests, weaknesses, way of being, feelings and behavior. Get really good at arts like seduction, attraction and influence. Become a student of men's psychology and start taking notes whenever you have a significant revelation. In time, you'll get really good at this stuff.

Tendency #2: A man will want to get married when he feels like he has found a woman who will love and support him in the long run. Even when he's down. Also, men want to get married when they feel like their woman is by far the best woman they know. And the best doesn't mean the most beautiful or the most intelligent. And guess what. It's not that hard to achieve such a thing. Why? Because you'll be the only woman he'll be with at a fundamental level. His other relationships are superficial. They happen only on the surface and they can't make him feel the way he does when he shares the moments of deep intimacy with you. So basically, if you become a real woman, who has a beautiful emotional state and who can also seduce a man, he's basically yours. You just have to make sure that you don't screw things up by making fundamental mistakes. But you won't even know what those mistakes are, if you don't learn what you need to know first. Become a student of human nature and you'll never have the "my boyfriend dumped me" problem again.

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My Boyfriend Dumped Me

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This article was published on 2010/03/29
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