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According to monthly love horoscope, Taurus people are deeply sensitive, the slightest comment or negative remark will be taken personally and they can easily get offended or hurt. Their stubborn streak results in laziness. They can be very lazy when someone gives them orders or wants them to do something they do not want to do.

There seem to be two discrete types of Taurus women: one Taurus woman is the one with perfectly made up face, great wardrobe, extravagant lifestyle, giving away an impression of self-indulgence. The other Taurus woman is close to nature. She supports ban on smoking, and is against the use of chemicals on plants. She is basically against everything that pollutes nature.

A Taurus woman is very deep and sensitive. Her feelings lie deep inside her heart and soul. She has also a mind that inclines towards philosophical sensitivities. In life, a Taurus woman can suffer from bouts of inertia while she may not be susceptible to changes or modifications. If at all changes occur, they should come from other people around her.

A Taurus woman is a patient person, but always need new excitement. She hates long talk meeting, long and endless conversation. She can be in love with you today, and one day she could act as if she has never loved you before. She has patient with what she wants to do and will never give up until she gets there. She will be very persistent in what she is doing till she has reasons for stopping her project, then she will quit.

She is brainy, but not too much interested in intellectual subjects. She is practical in her thinking and does not feel the need to indulge in mental gymnastics. She is balanced in her approach and you will hardly see her in a restless disposition. A Taurean girl hates anything artificial, be the flowers in her vase or the friends in her life. She has to feel the fragrance of real roses and the presence of real people. The beauty of Mother Nature especially pleases her.

The Taurus woman is not generally the best person to initiate something that is new and original. She is however, considerably gifted when it comes to supporting and enriching the earlier efforts and developments of others.

Partnership and being in love is very important to them. They are very giving and give a lot in their relationships. They like to be comfortable and their home will reflect this. Their home is very important to them as this is their safe haven in the world. They don't care to travel much. Taureans are homebodies and prefer to spend their time there as per love horoscope.

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Love Horoscope Taurus Women Love Traits

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Love Horoscope Taurus Women Love Traits

This article was published on 2011/11/29