Learn To Attract Beautiful Women Using Body Language

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When you are hitting the town hoping to attract women, you need to use body language to your advantage. It is a great asset because it will work like a beacon, sending out messages on a constant pulse. Women observe you and immediately feel a subconscious twinge-whether of attraction or disinterest is up to you. The good part is that you can easily develop habits that lead to attractive body language.

This article will cover a few tips that will help you adopt attractive body language whether you are talking directly to a woman or being watched from afar by one.

Open, space-eating presence. Whether you are standing or sitting, you should maintain a posture that is not only erect, but also open. This means that you want to seem like you are inviting people into your space-and make no mistake, even though you are being open and friendly, it should seem like it is your space. To achieve this effect keep your hands at your sides, bringing them up only to gesture or perform some action (like sipping your drink). Arms held across the chest project a closed-off, judgmental attitude. At the same time that you are being open and inviting, you want to eat up and claim the space around you.

Humans are a territorial breed; if you can lay claim to the territory around you it will seem that you are more dominant, and therefore attractive. One way to claim territory is by standing with a stable base. Spread your legs so that you are in an "athletic" position. When sitting down, open your legs up. This might seem rude or obnoxious, but if done correctly will be quite attractive to women. The key is to do these things naturally. You want to come off as dominant but not overly aggressive. Women are attracted to men who are confident but they generally dislike guys who are pushy or obnoxious.

Look into my eyes. Something our parents probably taught us when we were young is to look people in the eyes when we talk to them. This is doubly true when we are trying to attract beautiful women. Eye contact does two important things. One, it creates a connection between people. They will feel as if you are talking directly to them, even if you are telling a story to a big crowd. Two, it shows that you are confident and honest. We've all heard about the sneaky liars who can't bear to make eye contact. Don't be that guy. Build rapport and show you are an open and forthright man by holding her eyes with yours.

Even if you are talking to a woman who is completely unattractive to you, if you can maintain this type of body language other women will observe and be effected by it. You will constantly communicate the message that you are confident, open, and desirable. And you will have women approaching you, thinking there's just something great about you.
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Learn To Attract Beautiful Women Using Body Language

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This article was published on 2010/10/03