How to Spot a Married Cougar Woman

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Some guys are happy to date a married woman and be discreet, but most would prefer to avoid this situation and any stress that may come with it. It is important to remember in these situations that a third person is involved and someone is going to get hurt. So if you feel your cougar date is not being up front with you about her status then here are some signs you can look for to spot a married cougar woman yourself.

1. Trust your instincts - If you feel like there is something wrong, then there probably is.

2. Look for obvious signs - The cougar you are dating would be a bit silly to leave her wedding ring on, but you may notice a tan mark where a ring used to be, or an indentation. You should also look out for clues such as photos of men in her wallet.

3. Meeting Times and Places - If your date is cagey about where and when you meet up, that is not a good sign. She may be trying to avoid a place where he husband or boyfriend frequents, or perhaps she only wants to meet when he is out of town. If your cougar woman only wants to stay in, she may be trying to avoid being seen with you by people who know she is married. If she won't give you her home phone number, or insists on calling you, rather than you calling her, she could be trying to hide something.

4. Your Date's Behaviour - Does your date seem nervous when you are in certain public places? Perhaps she has to run off to answer her phone on most of your dates and refuses to tell you what the phone call was about. Always give her a chance to explain, after all it could just be a work call. Just be aware.

5. Meet her friends - Eventually in any relationship comes the time to meet your date's friends. If your cougar woman keeps putting this off it could be that she is in another relationship and doesn't want her friends to find out about you.

6. Still have doubts? - Drop in unexpectedly. See whether she is comfortable with you just dropping by, or does she have something to hide?

Unless it is glaringly obvious that your cougar date is cheating, try not to be paranoid, especially in the beginning. It will be very off putting for her. Always give her the chance to explain, it may not be what you think.

Cougar ladies, you should look out for the same signs. Just because your hot cub date is a lot younger doesn't mean that he is not married, or in a serious relationship with someone else. Keep your wits about you to avoid getting hurt, or hurting an innocent third party.

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How to Spot a Married Cougar Woman

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This article was published on 2010/04/01
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