How to Pamper and Appreciate Your Wife

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It is undeniable that women today work harder than men. For the working mothers-wives, they are under tremendous pressure not only to do a good job at work, but also to be a good wife and mother. Doing two jobs is not fun at all. Guys, why not pamper your significant other from time to time? They deserve it!

Step 1 - Do her chores even though it's not your turn:

You may have rules at home about who does what chores and when. Surprise her by doing the dishes or the laundry. She will appreciate it.

Step 2 - Plan a sudden getaway with her or the family:

Some ladies complain about that their husbands never make any plans for vacation and they have to do themselves. Plan a family vacation or a sudden getaway with her.

Step 3 - Give her a foot or body massage:

Do it only if she is into it. Some women do not like being massaged. If not, just hold her in the couch while watching your favorite show or movie.

Step 4 - Get her a gift certificate from her favorite beauty store:

Most women want to do good. Why not spoil them by giving them money to spend on her own?

Step 5 - Appreciate what she does:

When she does something for you or the family, show your appreciation by saying nice things about it. If she cooks a simple dinner after work, say how wonderful it is.

Step 6 - Give her proper attention:

When talking to her, don't look at somewhere else or (worse) other women. Give her the attention that is due to her as your wife. She can feel the difference instantly.

Step 7 - Let her know where you are:

Women feel important to be connected to their other half. If you have to work late or go something for a long time, give her a call to let her know.

Step 8 - Tell her you love her:

Married couple sometimes don't say it. They tend to take things for granted. But it is important to get the passion going by constantly working on it. Reaffirming that you love her is a good way to keep up the relationship.

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How to Pamper and Appreciate Your Wife

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This article was published on 2010/03/30
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