Hoping To Attract And Seduce Hot Women? Your Attitude Will Either Make Or Break You

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If you are having trouble succeeding in the dating game and being able to attract and seduce hot women, your attitude may be to blame. When it comes to being able to attract women, you attitude plays a big role. In any area of life, your attitude will either make or break you. If you are hoping to attract and seduce hot women, and have been failing miserably thus far, now is a good time to evaluate your attitude.

If you cultivate a positive attitude, you will be more successful on the dating scene and attract hot women. You would not want to be around someone that is negative so if you are negative, say hello to lonely nights. The kind of women you want to attract and seduce will only be attracted to positive, confident and upbeat men.

When you have a positive attitude, you are confident in yourself and your abilities and are not afraid to approach beautiful women. Having confidence and self respect are important to be able to enjoy a robust dating life filled with hot women and not women you simply settle for because you are not confident enough to approach the women you want in your life and in your bed.

You have to ask yourself whether you want to date hot beautiful women. These are not average looking women but the kind of woman that every man in the place wants to be with. Then ask yourself what stops you from attracting hot women. More chances than not, you have a lack of confidence in yourself and think that because you are an average guy, you only deserve average women.

This means that you will not even try to approach hot women but will spend the entire night staring at them and fantasizing about what it would be like to date one of these hot women. We have all seen men that are not the best looking with hot women on their arms. How do they do this? Confidence! They believe they deserve the best and in turn get the best.

It is time to man up and not settle for what you can get. Most men make excuses about approaching and seducing hot women. They have zero chance of attracting women because they do not even try. The best way to guarantee that you will go home alone or with a "butter face" is to make no attempts to approach beautiful women.

If you want to approach women but are afraid that you will become tongue-tied with nothing to say, you need to get to the root of this problem which is usually a lack of self confidence. You can easily approach women and introduce yourself and offer to buy them a drink. If you are rejected, do not take this to heart and quit trying. Simply approach the next hot woman. If you do this enough, you will strike gold and you will become more confident about approaching any woman that you desire.

It may be difficult at the beginning but perseverance will pay off. If you become tongue tied, simply speak to yourself and encourage yourself with affirmations about yourself such as "I am a great looking guy," "I have it going on," "I can approach and talk to this hot woman," "I am a great and fun guy," etc. Say this often enough and you shall start believing it and approaching and attracting hot women.

These affirmations will reprogram your mind from one filled with negative and self defeating thoughts to more positive and confidence building thoughts. This is key in order to help you change your attitude and become more successful in the dating game and attract and seduce only the women that you want.
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Hoping To Attract And Seduce Hot Women? Your Attitude Will Either Make Or Break You

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Hoping To Attract And Seduce Hot Women? Your Attitude Will Either Make Or Break You

This article was published on 2011/01/07
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