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We should be perfectly honest here; meeting the right kind of woman is a hard thing to do. You can walk into a bar and pick up any woman, but it is hard to meet a woman who shares your interests and is a good match for your personality. It can be double hard if the woman you are looking for is cultured and sophisticated. Classy women who do more than spend their week nights getting drunk are rare and hard to find.

This is of course unless you are looking in the right place. If you want to meet a sophisticated woman you have to spend time in the places she is likely to be. If you cannot think of any places then read on. The following is four places to meet the type of woman you are looking for.

Wine Tasting

One place to meet educated and refined women is at wine tasting events. This is a great way to spend the afternoon outdoors tasting different varieties of wines and meet a lady in a relaxed atmosphere.

Wine tasting events are organized by different clubs and businesses. They give you the opportunity to judge different wines and meet new people.

These events are great because you get to enjoy a new hobby while meeting new people. Aside from just meeting sophisticated women, you can engage in intelligent conversation. The wine also makes talking to women easier.

The Library

This is a great place to meet intellectual women. Many will come here just to do research or for their work, but you will still find quite a few who are browsing for books to read.

When you see a woman you would like to approach make sure that she is not too preoccupied. If she is just casually browsing, you can initiate a conversation without being too forward; even better if she is looking at a book that you have read. You can mention something about a book she is looking at and then let the conversation evolve naturally from their.

Charity Events

Another great place to meet sophisticate women is at local charity events. You will find many people who are coming together over a common cause. Your main focus should be doing something good so choose a charity that you really believe in or you will come across as fake. The bonus is that the common ground will give you and the women you meet something to talk about.

The majority of the women you meet at charity events will have good hearts and have great potential as partners. You will meet women who are truly interested in making a difference in the world they live in. In other words you will meet women with some substance.

The Museum or Art Galleries

If you are looking to meet women in a cultured environment then you need look no further than the museum or your local art gallery. Even better is the fact that most museums and galleries have special events or host traveling exhibits so you will have the opportunity to meet new women on a regular basis.

The best way to approach women in a museum or gallery is to make a comment about a piece she is looking at. You can parlay this into a conversation and maybe a date. Just remember to brush up on the subject of the piece. This woman might actually know something about the art and you do not want to look like a moron.

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Great Places to Meet Classy Women

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