Do You Have To Be A Jerk To Attract Women?

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I am sure you have seen nice guys getting dumped by women and jerks getting all the girls they want. Have you ever wondered why girls are attracted to jerks who leave them heartbroken instead of nice guys who will please them? Isn't it strange that women will ditch guys who treat them well only to go after imbecile jerks?

As a relationship consultant, I often get to listen to some guys who has had this problem. These men will usually grumble about treating their women really well, but losing her to someone else who ends up mistreating her. Isn't that very ironical?

Well, on the face of it, this phenomenon may seem strange, but there is a reason to that. This is because nice guys are boring and jerks are exciting. If you are in the nice guy camp, don't get all freaked out yet.

You see, a guy who is nice to a woman will usually go all out to please her, listen to her problems and hopes that one day she will want him instead of the jerk who had just left her heartbroken. Therein lies the problem.

Nice guys often deal with women in a logical manner instead of engaging her emotionally. He thus makes a great friend and since there is no emotional attraction, he remains just a friend and nothing else.

Girls are attracted to jerks because these men provide an emotional charge and sexual tension. Yes, a jerk may treat her badly and hurt her feelings, but this guy also provides excitement and emotional arousal. When with a jerk, a girl never really knows what to expect and so the excitement builds and sexual tensions take on new heights.

It has been said time again, girls are aroused more by emotions than by logic. On the logical side of it, she may say she desires to be with a nice guy, but emotionally, she is attracted to guys who can provide emotional excitement and sexual tension.

However, here is a piece of good news for nice guys and that is for every woman who has dated a jerk at some point in her lifetime, she will learn from the bad experience. She would have learnt that jerks aren't so great after all. But and this is a big BUT, most women will still crave for that emotional charge.

This is where nice guys can come in. Be the nice compassionate guy, but this time round, be a bit more edgy so as to provide the emotional charge girls crave. In this way, you are able to provide her with the perfect balance of a nice guy and the jerk.

When you are with women, show all the qualities of a jerk such as confidence, spontaneity, social dominance and humor without being the wussy nice guy that typically repulses women. Use your flirting skills to playfully tease women, while keeping the warmth and compassion of a nice guy.

What you will be doing is to behave like her bosom buddy but at the same time, you are demonstrating the attractive qualities women want in men.

Now that you know why women are attracted to jerks, you can use this knowledge to turn the table around and use the nice guy seduction skills discussed here to get women attracted to you in a big way!
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Do You Have To Be A Jerk To Attract Women?

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This article was published on 2010/10/12