Decoding Male Psychology - Making Sense of it All

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So often we wonder, is it possible to decode male psychology? As a woman, do you think you can make sense of it all? How does the male mind work in dating and relationships? As often as men claim that they can never figure a woman out, it is truly mind-boggling to decipher men's thoughts in relation to dating. Sometimes, what seemingly makes so much sense is not even remotely close to what a man is thinking. Let's see if it's possible to decode male psychology.

Consider this example; the perfect woman who has everything going for her can never seem to succeed with men. This is a woman who has her head and her heart in the right place, yet men stay interested in her for only a very short time. She is undeniably attractive to men and is that woman that all other women would love to be. So, why is it that she cannot sustain a relationship? Blame it on male psychology.

Let's decode this male psychology and understand why men lose interest so rapidly in an exceptional woman such as this. She's attractive, she's successful, intelligent, and she's friendly and considerate to people of all ages. This lady is a sure bet to get any guy's attention. There's never a shortage of first and second date guys, but then these men begin to withdraw. It's difficult to understand, as she is always there for them, always answering their phone calls, and buying them thoughtful little gifts. What man wouldn't want that? Actually, the vast majority of men would prefer not to stay involved with this woman.

This woman is too good. She does everything right which ultimately ends up being very boring. Men want a challenge. They want a woman who keeps them on their toes and makes them chase her. They fall head over heels for a woman who wisely plays hard to get. When they do win her, they feel as though they have beat out the competition and won the coveted prize. The worst mistake this woman makes when she feels her man is becoming distant is she becomes even more attentive, trying to make up for something she senses but can't quite put her finger on. This turns a man off even more. While these actions work great in the professional world, they wreak havoc in a romance.

When a man is dating, he doesn't necessarily want things to be easy. He desires sensuality, mystery, and a little bit of healthy difficulty. If you read on you will find out the ways to make this happen.

1.) Be sexy but classy. This turns any man on.

2.) Play hard to get in the beginning and ease up, but not completely, as your relationship progresses.

3.) Be flirty, but wait for him to make the first move.

4.) Be light-hearted and fun.

5.) Keep him guessing by being unavailable. Return his phone call later and you don't have to give explanations why.

6.) Hold off on the gifts and little love notes. That makes it too easy for him. Make him wonder where you stand.

7.) Don't chase; be the one chased!

There you have a decoding of male psychology. These hints will do you worlds of good in your next relationship.

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Decoding Male Psychology - Making Sense of it All

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This article was published on 2010/03/26
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