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Attract women by demonstrating higher value (DHV), this is how the best pick up artist in the world (Mystery) goes about attracting girls. By showing a woman that you have a high status then you'll have a much better chance of getting a girl to like you. So lets dig into how you can begin to demonstrate that you are a man that she should know.

What needs to happen, is for her to begin to see things in you that she finds attractive or are generally accepted as being positive and cool. There are many things that you could choose to demonstrate, but some of the best are: leader or men,willingness to emote, pre-selected by other women and protector of loved ones. These are the qualities of a true Alpha Male.

This will attract women because the female mind has basically been programmed for hundreds of thousands of years that this is the best type of man to help her. You see, deep down, women's fundamental aim in life is Survival (a man's is Replication). So women will seek out males who will help them survive and men will seek women who will be the best for replication.

This is why a woman's value is very much determined by how attractive she is (or perceived to be). Whilst a mans value is shown through the factors I've already briefly covered above. These are things that women know will aid their survival.

Now it's important for you to understand that a woman is not conscious that this is what she is really looking for. In fact, it's known that she may believe she wants one thing, but actually want something completely different. This is due to how dominant the emotional mind is within a woman.

But the fundamental point of this article is to give you some techniques which you can implement, immediately, which will result in you attract women easily. So lets take what you've just learnt and apply it to a social situation where you want to attract a woman.

Lets say you've approached a girl and begun a conversation (this is a whole topic in and of itself - see the end for more info...) and now you'll need to create an attraction. So you'll need to demonstrate that you have high value, because this will almost certainly attract her.

The best way is when she find out - for herself - that there is something about you that she likes. So it's critical that you come across as a confident, healthy male who is a leader of other men, is cool about showing emotions, is the protector and provider and if you can be pre-selected by women then you'll drastically increase your attractiveness.

So lets discuss the last one - Being pre-selected by other women. This means that you already have girls with you that seem interested in you. Think about the difference between a guy approaching a mixed group of boys and girls alone, compared to the guy who approaches with a beautiful woman on either arm.

That's not the only ways of letting women know. But I'm certain it's the most effective! Plus, it's great when your actually after a beautiful woman who is with guys. Because you are approaching them already with girls so you're not seen as a threat. In fact, your seen as being the man. And this gives you the leverage you need to attract your real target!

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Attract Women You Like

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This article was published on 2010/04/04
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