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Owning a designer Tiffany 1837 is every jewelry lovers dream.Past of Designer JewelryThe history of jewelry is as old as human existence .in ancient time bones and teeth were used in jewelry making Not only did strong associations with specific stones evolve, but also associations of colors with personal attributes.  Over tome, a fairly detailed symbolism came to join color with character. those attributes, as they have come down to us, include:

Yellow:  Worn by a man, denotes secrecy (appropriate for silent lover); worn by a woman, it indicated generosity.

White: Signifies friendship, integrity, and religious commitment (colorless) for men; purity, affability, and contemplation for women.Red: On a man, indicates command, nobility, lordship, and vengeance: on a woman, pride, haughtiness, and obstinacy.Blue:  On a man, indicates wisdom and high magnanimous thoughts; on women, jealousy in love, politeness, vigilance.

Violet:  For men, signifies sober judgment, industry, and gravity; for woman, high thoughts and spiritual love.What colored gemstones are available today?New stones add exciting choicesToday, gems are worn primarily for their intrinsic beauty and are chosen mainly for aesthetic reasons, not for mythical attributes. While we may own a birthstone that we wear on occasion, our choice of gemstones is usually dictated by personal color preferences, economics, and fashion.

Green: For men, signifies joyousness, transitory hope, decline of friendship; for women, unfounded ambition, childish delight, and change.Black: For men, means gravity, good sense, constancy, and strength; for young women, fickleness and foolishness, but for married women, constant love and perseverance.

Diamond stud earrings are one of the few fashion accessories that have made a lasting impact over time. Considered very elegant, they were one of the earliest pieces of jewelry designed by ancient cultures, and date back to the 18th century. Most women consider it as a fashion basic, like lipstick. Although the design options are endless, there are several pieces that are appropriate for every outfit and occasion.Classic Tiffany 1837 bracelets stud earrings consist of round diamonds set in gold or platinum.

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About Tiffany 1837 in history

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This article was published on 2010/11/30