3 Ways to Tell If He is a Player

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Are you involved with a great guy but wondering if he is a player? Or have you had your heart broken by men in the past who just use women and then move on, leaving them hurt and abandoned? Is it time for you to find the right kind of guy who wants a meaningful relationship? A lot of women have trouble telling if a guy is serious or just playing the field. If you learn how to tell the difference you can save yourself from a lot of pain and heartache in the future. There are three main signs to look for to decide if a guy is a player or not.

Is he available when you call?

How easy is it to reach him? One way to tell if he is serious is how much contact you have. When you call does he answer or does the phone ring out? If he often doesn't answer he may be taking calls from different women and screening them. He might be seeing several women at the same time and so doesn't answer his phone. When you are out together does he get lots of messages on his phone? They may be calls from other women, especially if he is secretive about them.

Are his actions consistent with what he says?

He might say all the right things and tell you that you are the only one for him, but do his actions reflect that? When guys actions don't back up their words then that is a red flag that he could be just playing you. If he is really charming and attentive at the start of the and then seems to get more distant be careful. Actions speak louder than works so pay attention to what he says and does.

Does he keep his word?

If a guy is serious about you he will keep his word and treat you with respect. He will call when he said he would and return your messages. He will get closer to you as time passes, not more distant.

Now that you know some of the ways to work out if he is a player or not it will be easier to see who is genuine when you are dating.

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3 Ways to Tell If He is a Player

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This article was published on 2010/03/29
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