3 Beta Male Behaviors That Turn Off Women

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If there's one thing that almost all women dislike in a man, it's weakness. If you were to boil down the entire alpha male, beta male conversation, you'd be left with this one single word.

Every single alpha male trait that attracts women does so because it signals strength. Beta male characteristics that turn off women do so for the opposite reason--because they signal weakness.

It's really important to keep this at the front of your mind when analyzing your own behavior. Some characteristics that get labeled "alpha" are really beta behaviors. A perfect example is bragging. Guys who brag think they're showing strength, but they're actually betraying insecurity, which is weakness.

When you think alpha and beta, think of them in terms of strength and weakness and you won't make this mistake yourself.

Beta behaviors that turn women off

Most beta male behavior is detrimental to attracting women, but some traits are worse than others. Here are 3 beta male behaviors that are almost universally disliked by women.

1) Being a follower: This is nothing more than evolutionary instincts at work. No matter how much women advance in society, they are still hardwired to seek out men who can provide food, shelter and protection. For this, they look toward the dominant pack members.

Since pack dominance is no longer necessarily defined by who is the strongest or most ferocious fighter, women look for other signs of leadership and/or independence. Men who follow the lead of others in clothing, musical tastes, humor, etc... show a lack of originality and simply blend in rather than stand out from the pack.

2) Conflict avoidance: Women aren't generally big on hot-heads who get into fighter wherever they go, but this doesn't mean they want men who avoid conflict at all costs.

If you're not willing to occasionally butt heads with someone else, it signals that you're fearful, lacking in confidence, and lacking in principle. All of these are huge turnoffs for women.

3) Being overly eager to please: When studying group hierarchy within social animals, you'll find that weaker members often seek to earn the favor and protection of stronger members through acts of service and submission. With this in mind, it's important to understand the distinction between being friendly and affable and being groveling and subservient.

If you just can't bear it when someone shows you disapproval, then you're on dangerous ground.

Men who can blow off someone's disapproval when appropriate show strong alpha characteristics. Men who bend over backwards to please just set themselves up for being used and cast aside by women.

It is this last behavior that is most destructive for men, who often find themselves stewing in resentment when they're tossed off for some other less "nice" guy. They feel angry because they thought they were doing everything right. This is where all this "nice guys finish last" self pitying griping comes from.

Well, today you don't have any more excuses for that because what is often labeled as nice guy behavior is actually just weak beta behavior. If you're often finding yourself being passed over for guys you think have less on the ball than you do, then take a hard, honest look at some of your tendencies. If they fall into the beta category, then it's time for a change.

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3 Beta Male Behaviors That Turn Off Women

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3 Beta Male Behaviors That Turn Off Women

This article was published on 2012/01/07
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